IT Staff Augmentation

Let your projects be unstoppable with our onboard developers

Code Stew is here to make your on-demand projects tailored with our dedicated and most experienced IT staff and management team.

Here you can hire easily the most effective and dedicated staff who are acquiring their leading expertise in various technological-driven services which exclusively include Web Application Development, Salesforce Management, ZOHO CRM & ONE, Mobile Application Development, Robotic Process Automation, and many more, and in the list.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Remote Developers from Code Stew

Have ultimate access to versatile expertise without barriers
Minimal hiring time and cost
Helps your company to raise its productivity
Augment the In-House team
Round-the-clock development and result orientationm

At Code Stew hiring the foremost augmented
staff is simple, clear, and easy

We take into account the following steps to make your project done

Understanding needs and requirements
Share your resource and staffing requirements, including your actual team size, and staffing period. To make the process more elaborate and easy, the more information provided by you will make the process smooth
Our On-Board dedicated programmers
Code Stew is distinguished by providing the most dedicated augmented IT staff because the team of developers and programmers have easy easy-to-adopt personalities which makes it convenient for you to make the working process clear. Code Stew staff get in touch with your In-House team to ensure effective collaboration on all aspects.
On-demand projects delivered on time
We provide IT manpower and project management to assure the timely delivery of your comprehensive digital solution, as well as regular monitoring to verify that it meets your needs.

Which Developers we can provide you
for your next project?

Why Choose Code Stew for Hiring Augmented Staff

The most crucial aspect that makes us worth completing your projects is that we have the most experienced and dedicated staff that is proficient in most of all the technological and futuristic services

Our On-Board developers will assist your project with their expertise in various industries including ZOHO, Robotic Process Automation, Web application development, Mobile application development, salesforce management, and more

The rigorous requirement at Code Stew is designed to systematically evaluate logical/mathematical thinking, technical abilities, and soft skills. Our talented IT staff will obtain the highest scores in all categories given by our clients

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Frequently Asked Question

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Worker's augmentation, in its broadest sense, refers to the temporary use of workers from another organization to accomplish a project. In IT projects, the practice is widely utilized to satisfy the criteria of a product development endeavour.

The skilled labour shortage has become acute in the post-pandemic era. When the hiring process for a permanent position is lengthy, it might be difficult to identify the proper people for the job.


Implementing a staff augmentation approach is a wise decision to temporarily fix the staffing problem. On the one hand, you have the greatest in-house staff in the business. On the other hand, you may contract with the most experienced specialists to address the problem.

IT staff augmentation allows you to recruit developers on a project-by-project basis from an outside firm. When working on a software project that requires skilled extra hands, this is a wonderful approach to fill the team's capacity. You must guarantee that the solution you select improves your value offer.