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It is the process of defining user expectations for a new software being built or modified. An Expectation arises either to solve the previous problem or to achieve an objective. All the objectives are documented, that is also known as SRS (Software Requirement Specifications). Crystal clear documentation is developed by validating a set of requirements, this helps in building the roadmap for the team from where we are to where we want to reach.

Now, from this phase the work of the development team’s starts. Software design is a mechanism to transform user requirements into some suitable form, which helps the programmer in software coding and implementation. It consists of two parts Internal design and external design.

This part majorly focuses on the wireframe of the website. It is a demonstration of the original mobile or web application. It defines the elements, position, size and other specifications. Wireframe also defines the protocol for the web designers. The step helps in minimizing the error and time at the time actual web designing.

It is generally performed after the completion of external design. Database Design consists of developing a tabular representation of data, it encompasses multiple tables and defines the relationships among the tables. A properly designed database is easy to maintain, improves data consistency, and is cost-effective in terms of disk storage space. The database designer decides how the data elements correlate and what data to be stored and where. The main objectives of database designing is to provide logical understanding of data flow and further development.

All the elements defined are coded in requisite programming language. A well structured source code must be error free and standardised. It lets easy debugging. Time and cost involved to maintain and enhance depends on the quality of source code. Integration of all the travel API or development of structure happens in this stage.

This process makes sure that there is no gap between user expectation and development. After the development phase the system is analysed and evaluated to make it error free. Multi level testing is performed with the help test cases.

After the application gets certified from multi level testing. The live environment of the application is deployed on the required server. The application is set to be in ready to use condition.

Having the right tool but not knowing how to use it is equivalent to no tool. Certainly, training all the members of the front end team, backend team and mid-office team is also the responsibility of software developers. Sessions can happen in person, on remote desks, or systems can be understood through recorded videos.

As the original traffic lands on the website, the real feedback is received. This process includes debugging the existing system errors, maintaining and enhancing the system. It is necessary to improve the performance of the application.

Now, this is also the much-awaited section of the article. You obviously want to know, whether it is going to break the bank? To know about the cost of travel portal development, firstly you must check factors responsible for it. Whether you are going to hire a freelancer, in house team, or a travel portal development company, more or less all the factors are the same. Please read the following factors to get a clear idea about it.

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Specification of server, frontend, and backend programming language also affects the cost heavily. The scarcity of programmers of a language and resource cost of the language may increase the cost.


Web application and mobile application are platforms where customers can access your services, the further mobile application is bifurcated in two platforms android and iOS. Between Android and iOS applications, the latter one is expensive as resources of iOS are comparatively expensive than android’s. Developing the application for all the platforms is evidently expensive.


The completion of the design takes a lot of time and sincerity. The time and cost to develop a design depends on the nature and complexity of the website. Development parts depend on a wide array of factors such as application architecture intricacy, no. of travel APIs involved, use of AI, and features of the application may define the time and cost required. A travel portal has a lot of transaction details and customer data therefore, overlooking the testing and security is not a good idea. Testing the application holistically and removing all the vulnerabilities to the application takes an ample amount of time which costs high.


In layman language, it can be referred to as a ready-made portal. Now the cost of the Saas model totally depends on the strategy of the company whether they want to charge a fixed fee monthly, charges per booking, charges per search, or some free searches per month and charging after reaching the limit. To charge the subscription fees one can use any of the above methods.


The minimum cost to create a simple custom travel portal starts from USD 2500. Of course, customization of the portal is limitless and the cost to develop it too inestimable. As you increase the API, functions, features, services or any other factor affecting the cost may raise the charges for custom development.

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